A student from National University of Engineering from Nicaragua shared a video of his advanced Building alarm project created with fantastic SmartGLCD 240×128 development board. Although the video is in Spanish and a bit lengthy, it’s worth watching.

For his thesis project titled Design and implementation of a control system against an intruder in the electronics department of the FEC-UNI Nicaragua, student used SmartGLCD 240×128 development board as the brains of the entire system. Board is interfaced with sensors, relays and additional electronics, and it controls door activity, motion sensors and infra-red camera. With GLCD Touch Screen, PIC18F microcontroller, microSD card and USB-UART, he really had a great device for this purpose. He developed the code in mikroBasic PRO for PIC and Graphical User Interface in Visual GLCD.

Project looks and works great. System is elegantly integrated in the room wall and it has a touch-screen-based login system, alarm control and settings features, which are nicely implemented and easy to use.

You may discuss the details of the implementation with the author on his Forum thread: http://www.mikroe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=45124

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