After a long wait it’s finally here! New version of SmartGLCD is now available for preorder.

SmartGLCD 1.51 now available for preorder!

Waiting is over! SmartGLCD 240×128 v1.51 has arrived. It keeps what you liked the most about it, but brings new features as well. Most notable – the new chip PIC18F87K22 instead of PIC18F8722. Your source code remains the same, but you get and extra 2 MIPS of processing power. That’s 20% faster than previous version! We’ve added piezo buzzer to bring extra sound signalization feature which many of you asked for. As before, SmartGLCD features 240x128px Graphic LCD with Touch Screen, RGB Backlight, USB-UART and microSD card slot. A whole arsenal of stuff for easy development of embedded graphical applications.

Price of the board remains the same – $99.00. You may preorder it now for shipping starting Moday, September 2nd.

Yours sincerely,

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