We are very excited to introduce several important features that will radically improve your shopping experience on our website.

Single page checkout

A one year has passed by from releasing our own shopping cart and we have prepared special treat for our website visitors and customers. We have been working and thinking how to help our customers to easily shop while browsing our website, and have fun while doing it. And one of the best ideas was Single page checkout. Now we have combined all checkout steps into one major step, so now customers have only one step for entering their order data before payment. Isn’t that convenient or what?

In order to celebrate this feature, we are introducing one special shipping feature. With new single page checkout page, now you are able to have $9.00 USD shipping for packages weighting up to 500g and costing up to $100.00 USD. This way you save up to $16.00 USD! This is very convenient for trying out our smaller board which are eligible for this special shipping price.

Have a nice shopping.

Yours sincerely,

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