As part of the ongoing Hexiwear challenge on, NXP will host an Introduction to Hexiwear webinar next Wednesday, June 1 between 7-8 PM CET. To attend, register with your name and email address.

NXP hosts Hexiwear webinar

Organized by NXP, Mouser, and Autodesk, the Hexiwear design contest challenges you to pitch and then create a unique application for Hexiwear. The contest brief is clearly written so you will now what is expected from you. In return, participants have a chance of winning a DJI Phantom drone and more valuable prizes.

So far, 158 participants entered, with 53 ideas submitted so far. You can browse the list of submissions for inspiration.

There’s ample time for you to join. The submission deadline is on August 29, which 97 days away from now.

That gives you enough time to pre-order your Hexiwear in whichever configuration suits you, for shipment that starts on June 10. First come, first serve.

In the meantime we still have to ship to all Kickstarter backers. The wristbands present the latest bottleneck, so we are forced to postpone shipment of standard units and regular power user packs for the second week of June.

We are not happy for having to ask you for yet another extension, but it’s a matter of weeks – not months, which seems to be the norm elsewhere on Kickstarter. Please bear with us a bit more.

Yours sincerely,

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