A quick Google search for SHT1x click will reveal that it’s a hot board. Here’s its successor.

SHT click

SHT click carries SHT3x, the new generation of Sensiron’s popular temperature and humidity sensor. Like it’s predecessor, it’s a robust and reliable sensor. This new version has improved accuracy, and enhanced signal processing capabilities.

We have several temperature and humidity sensors on click boards, but if you search through our news archives, you will see that SHT1x was particularly popular.

Andrew Hazelden wrote about interfacing it with Raspberry Pi. Erich Styger from what was then Freescale demonstrated how to use it on the FRDM K64 platform. Robert AKA Megahurts from our forums did a roadtest for Element 14 that included SHT. Finally, Teo from microcontroller-projects.com listed it in his overview of Arduino libraries that can be reused for click boards.

The robust and reliable temperature & humidity sensor has quite a following, and unlike the first version, when you order this one – the headers will be already soldered.

You will also have an easier time getting it into action, because of our improved documentation and supplemental tutorial on learn.mikroe.com.

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