You can be gentle or you can be vigorous, but perhaps the most intuitive way to wake up someone or something from sleep – be it your spouse, kid, or pet dog – is to give it a shake. Shake2Wake click allows you to instil the same “I’m awake, what the hell is going on?” functionality to your devices.

Shake2Wake click

Shake2Wake click carries two chips from Analog Devices: an ADXL362 accelerometer that incorporates several activity detection modes, which is connected to an ADP195 power switch IC.

The power switch is in turn connected to an onboard screw terminal for connecting external devices. Upon shaking, the accelerometer sends an interrupt to the switch, which then powers up the external component.

While waiting to be shaked, the click board has extremely low power consumption. It’s like the person in charge of the movie projector in vintage cinemas. When it’s time to switch reels, you catch him snoring in the projection booth. You shake him up, and he promptly wakes up and turns on the projector again, so you wouldn’t have too.

You can also program Shake2Wake to be as light or a deep sleeper as it suits you – the intensity and duration of shaking required for waking it up is programmable, as is the required period of inactivity that will lead to switching off the external device.

When you had your fair share of shaking, this click board can also function as a regular accelerometer, in which case it communicates to the target MCU through the mikroBUS™ SPI interface.

More details on the product page. The Libstock example is also ready.


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