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How many times did you see a movie where someone needs to deactivate a bomb? The hero watches the display as time ticks by, each second more precious than the previous one. Well, if you didn’t know, all those fake bombs in movies have seven-segment displays.

BIG 7-SEG R click

BIG 7-SEG R click is our newest click in the Display range. If you are planning to add a seven-segment LED display to your project, this click is what you are looking for. As the R in the title states, the color of the displayed character is red.

It communicates with the target MCU over an SPI interface and runs on either 3.3V or 5V power supply.

Seven-segment displays

Perhaps seven-segment displays don’t look modern enough for you, but they are the most practical way to display numbers. The characters are highly readable, both in limited light conditions and in strong sunlight. For example, the famous countdown clock at Cape Canaveral, Florida that NASA used for the Apollo landing has a seven-segment display.

For more details on the BIG 7-SEG R click, check out our product page.

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