We said goodbye to our future industrial designers last Friday, but we already have new people in the lab. The circulation of interns is high every summer at MikroElektronika, but this one seems rather special.

The air is full of ideas and creative energy. It’s the perfect atmosphere for development. Simply entering the room makes you feel young.

Both the software and hardware engineers are busy mentoring the new interns, it’s the most crowded office in the whole building. Here you see Marija getting a bit of help with her current project. She is working on a library for one of our future click boards™.

Marija says that it’s really exciting to work on a click library since she never attempted it before. “Everyone is easy to talk to and willing to help. I get to use all the products and equipment I could possibly need. I’m currently in my third year of university, so this seemed like a good opportunity to see if I’m cut out for this kind of work.

Let’s wait for the end of summer and see what the summary of this story is. For sure it’s going to be new friendships, new projects, and new experiences. It there a better way to find out how working for a big company look like than to dive in and try out yourself? We think not. And we are glad to know that the people who come to MikroElektronika leave with the sense that anything is possible with hard work, some help, and enthusiasm.

More French interns

Our two new interns from France, Alex and Pierre-Henry were displaying their martial art skills, so we snapped a few photos. Everyone relaxes after work in some way, and it looks like the gym is a right fit for the French engineers.

They are both from Angers, a city in western France, 300km from Paris, and they will stay with us until the end of August. Enough time for them to get to know Belgrade and the culture. But they can always turn to their French colleagues that arrived before them for advice.

Yours sincerely,

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