Add an RS232 DB9 port to your device with the RS232 click.

RS232 click

This click board carries a standard RS232 DB9 port and a MAX 3232 IC. RS232 is a serial communications standard. The connector is most often used for networking equipment, industrial machines and scientficic instruments. It used to be a standard port for PC peripherals like printers and modems.

RS232 click is designed to use either a 3.3V or 5V power supply. The board also has two jumper positions to connect RTS (j2) and CTS (j3) lines to the target board if your application requires it.

A total of 79 click boards are available now. And to remind you, we recently released the Arduino UNO click shield, bringing click boards to a whole new community of makers.

Libstock examples are ready. You can order the RS232 click right away.

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