If neither red or yellow were quite right for your project, today we are introducing Rotary O click. It’s a rotary encoder with orange LEDs.

Rotary O click

So far we have released Rotary R, G, B and Y with red, green, blue and yellow LEDs. Today it’s Rotary O, where the “O” can also stand for the shape of the LED ring as well as the orange color.

The ring surrounds a knob that can be spun around continuously, each full circle comprising 15 steps that go click, click, click. The output consists of A and B signals which are out of phase to each other.

The knob is also a pushbutton. When pressed, it sends an interrupt to the target board MCU.

All 15 LEDs are controlled separately, through the SPI interface.

The Libstock example is the same as for the previous Rotary clicks. It has several behaviour patterns you can explore. The details are on the product page.

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