Our new distributor is mingling click boards with all kinds of robots.

RobotShop new distributor

RobotShop Distribution Inc. specializes in personal and professional robot technology and they offer a wide range of robotic products and services. They have offices in USA, Canada (head office) and France.

Their warehouses probably look like something out of Star Wars—imagine shelves filled with robotics components, robotic hands, robots on wheels, pet robots, sweeping and vacuuming robots, protocol droids, and all sorts of spare parts and other tidbits (we’re kidding about the protocol droids, but they do in fact, carry a voice-activated R2-D2).

Among those tidbits that could be put to use inside a robot, officially starting from today, RobotShop will also carry click boards and other MikroElektronika products.

Because if you’re building something resembling R2-D2, the easiest way to add new functionalities, powers and abilities to him, would be through various click board combinations.

Just make sure your robots end up doing good for humanity.

Yours sincerely,

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