The APE.Robotics team teach 14-year-olds to construct robots.

APE Robotics lecture at Petnica

Remember the scene from Star Wars where the rebels are all gathered in a briefing room looking at slides of Death Star plans. A similar atmosphere was to be found at the Petnica science center recently. The APE.Robotics team, whom we wrote about more than once, held a Robotics 101 class in front of Elementary school students, as part of Petnica’s Summer Science School.

APE Robotics at Petnica Summer School

The kids learned about what it takes to make a robot through the story of APE Robotics and their struggles to construct one for the National Eurobot competition – the one with a bunch of MikroE hardware in its innards.

It’s a story of problem-solving that starts much before the actual construction of the robot (the fun part) begins. Humans that construct robots are not robots themselves and it takes a lot of organizational and communicational skills to facilitate smooth teamwork.

APE robotics in Petnica

The fun part wasn’t skipped though, as the lecture also featured a technical segment where the APE team explained basic principles of robotics.

The APE.Robotics team themselves are graduates of Petnica (the largest science center in Southern Europe). It’s a real show of gratitude on their part to see them invest their time into teaching and motivating new generations of attendees. Let’s just hope none of them end up building a Death Star.

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