What will the new release of the PIC32 compilers bring?

Following in the footsteps of the ARM compilers, the PIC32 compilers are going to have support for FreeRTOS. Your compilers will be organized better than a well-behaved bee hive. Arrange all your tasks effectively and systematically.

You already know about our plan to have all the compilers merged with the Visual TFT software. Well, now it’s the PIC32 compilers turn to get this update. Switch from compiler mode to Visual TFT with one button. Just press F12 and you are in a new environment. Drag and drop visual elements, and the compiler will generate the code in the background.

PIC32 compilers release date

We have changed the release date of the PIC32 compilers from July 13 to July 18. From now on all our software releases will be scheduled for a Tuesday.

ARM and PIC compilers Roadmap

We have also updated the ARM and PIC compilers Roadmap pages. So, take a look what is coming your way this year regarding those two.

For more information about the PIC32 compilers, see the Roadmap page.

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