With the big task of the ARM compiler release behind them, our software team is moving its focus on delivering the new releases of AVR and PIC32 compilers — including a live update to PIC inserted in the schedule. Today’s roadmap update gives additional details.

The biggest announcement is free RTOS support which will be implemented for PIC32 compilers (to be released on July 13). New chips are being supported for mikroProg Suite for PIC. That said, support for PIC32MM devices will be removed from this iteration, to be handled in a future release.

For the AVR compilers roadmap (to be released on May 11), we are adding new device support for AVR Flash. Internal modules support for new AVR MCUs is under way, and the implementation of Visual TFT in the compiler IDE has started.

As for the live update of PIC compilers, next Thursday we are releasing a live update that adds ICD support for 35 MCUs.

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