RN4678 click

The sixth Bluetooth® click in our wireless connectivity range is here — RN4678 click.

The low power consumption module onboard the click makes it uniquely suited for the IoT world. When the module is in the deep-sleep mode the power consumption is so low it can run on a single battery for years. It only sends data when it is necessary and then it goes back to sleep.

RN4678 click

RN4678 click carries the RN4678 Bluetooth® 4.2 module from Microchip. The click has both a UART and an I2C interface and runs on a 3.3V power supply.

The module can send data in Bluetooth Classic mode or BLE mode, so you get to choose between two Bluetooth flavors. If IoT and low power consumption is your goal, then BLE mode is what you’re looking for.

Strong encryption

The module has strong AES128 encryption. A 128-bit encryption is one of the strongest encryption methods today.

For more information about the click visit the product page.

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