On this day a year ago we announced a mind-reading EEG-based ThinkUp click board. We thought it was a clever joke for April Fools’ day. Little did we know that one guy took it as a challenge. Today — in all seriousness — we present you the Bioshield.


Thinkup click with its tele-click-nesis firmware was a successful joke. People sent us emails asking about it, not realizing it was fake.

While we were patting ourselves on our backs on how witty we were, Goran Roglic operated silently, like the ninja that he is, to develop a real EEG solution.

The bioshield is compatible with mikromedia plus for PIC32MX7 and it comes with a set of unofficial click boards for measuring EEG, ECG, EMG and BMG impulses.

EEG is short for electroencephalography, or in plain talk, measurement of the brain’s electrical activity. It’s useful for measuring mental fitness. Just like a heart rate monitor takes out the guesswork from training for a marathon, EEG feedback would take out the guesswork from peoples’ relaxation, yoga, or meditation regiment.

And while training for a marathon could make you leaner and fitter, training your brain with EEG feedback could improve your performance in… well… in life generally. You could discover what type of activity or routine makes you more calmer, or alert, and discard the rest.

The technology is not new, but this solution is the smallest and most accessible real time EEG monitor and analyzer to date (that we know of).

The bioshield is Mr. Roglic’s personal project. It’s not available for sale for now. But you’ll hear more about it in the coming future (note that we haven’t even mentioned the applications for ECG, EMG and BMG measurements).

Yours sincerely,

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