Feel the force, this click can. Albeit not the one that makes you adept at lightsaber combat – Force click detects plain old Newtonian force when squeezed.

Force click released

Force click has the circuitry for interfacing an Interlink Electronics Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) to your favorite MCU.

The Force Sensing Resistor – connected to the click via screw terminals – is a thin sensor made of two membranes that are separated by a spacer around the edges. When pressed, the gap between two membranes gets closed. This shorts the two membranes together, with a resistance that is proportional to applied force. The outputted analog voltage is thus a measure of force applied.

The analog signal passes through OPA344NA amplifier before it goes out through the mikroBUS™ AN pin.

Interlink Force Sensing Resistors are available in different shapes and sizes. Force click comes with model 400 (part number 34-00004). The force sensitivity range is from about 0.2N to 20N (although it depends on the implementation).

Libstock has code examples while the printable PDF schematic is hosted on our docs page. For everything else, visit the product page.

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