RaspyPlay 4 got a solid 8 out of 10 in a review published in the UK computer magazine Micro Mart. They said it’s “perfect for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts who demand better audio output”.

RaspyPlay 4 in Micro Mart

More specifically, RaspyPlay 4 got a favorable comparison to its competition like the HiFi Berry and HiFi Berry Digi+. According to the review, it’s more functional and “more expandable from the point of view of a larger project” (although the writer makes it clear that he hasn’t tested out those other boards).

The review was written by David Hayward, who previously reviewed FlowPaw. David is a RaspBerry Pi enthusiast; his “25 fun things to do with a RaspBerry Pi” CNET article is among the top results you’ll get on Google when searching for cool Raspberry Pi projects.

The review, by the way, correctly states that RaspyPlay 4 is compatible with Raspberry Pi 2. A few people asked us about this, probably because the new Pi has been released after RaspyPlay 4.

To answer those questions, not only is it compatible, but with the increased processing power of the new Pi, you’ll get faster response times when playing FLAC files of the highest quaility (192kHz/24-bit/4655kbps), or DSD files that are converted in real time.

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