The mikroBUS.NET team (inventors of the Quail board) are working on adding NETMF native display support to their boards.

The video above shows a 20 fps video running on a ConnectEVE connected to a Quail. It’s NETMF standard graphics in bitmaps, but it also allows the use of FT800 built-in features.

It’s still in the test stage, but the improvement is not limited to just one screen. The Quail can now also run multiple displays without taking up too much memory.

Of course, the core concept of Quail is still about click board compatibility. The mikroBUS.NET team are still working on providing new drivers, some of the latest including those for HDC1000 click, Thermo 2 click, Touchkey click and Button R click.

Quail is an STM32-powered development solution for building hardware prototypes with click boards and C# managed code (aka .NET MicroFramework or NETMF). Earlier this year it was presented on Microsoft’s stand at the San Mateo Maker Faire (which, among other things, inspired us to join the Maker Faire as exhibitors this year).

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