Paolo Patierno from the Embedded 101 blog recently shared his first impressions of Quail, the “NETMF framework meets click boards” development platform.


It’s a sweeping introduction into the entire Quail concept for people who are familiar with .NET micro, but haven’t heard of click™ boards before.

If you have friends or colleagues that are into Microsoft technologies, whether its dekstop or Embedded, this would be a good introduction piece. Paolo announced that he’ll be writing more in depth posts about Quail once he starts getting familiar with the board, so there’s more coming up.

To give you a reason to care, Embedded101 is one of the communities officially recognized by Microsoft in the embedded space. Paolo himself is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), a title that Microsoft bestows once a year to developers who do a good job of promoting their technologies throughout the community. In other words, the blog has relevant clout for covering Quail.

On a related note, good news for Quail early adopters who are coming from our own development environment. The mikroBUS.NET team started sharing Quail click™ board drivers on Libstock. No need to venture outside the safety of our coding community :).

The mikroBUS.NET crew is still churning out click boards at an impressive pace. New click boards are being cover almost as soon as they’re released. Here’s a simple demo of flame click for example:

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