Two days after its release, the official NETMF team spotted a Quail on their radars. Colin Miller, a Product Unit Manager at Microsoft who works on NETMF wrote about Quail on the .NET Micro Framework Team blog.

Quail on the official NETMF blog

Colin’s enthusiastic appraisal of the board includes an overview of click boards:

There are all of your old favorites plus many that you may not have seen. Have you needed to measure Hall effects? They have several that do that. Ever wanted to interface with fiber optics? They have that covered. How about integrating speech recognition? And the ThunderClick module that “detects the presence and proximity of potentially hazardous lightning activity in the vicinity and provides estimated distance to the center of the storm.” I really enjoyed going through the list and thinking about the projects that I still have to do.

These are encouraging first impressions. Now we’re waiting for the .NET Micro team to get their hands on a Quail and a few click boards and test it out.

In any case a post on an official MSDN blog means a lot of exposure for the Quail. We already received some requests for samples from .NET developers.

The attention Quail is getting prompted us to polish its presentation somewhat. We updated the Quail page on our site to feature a click™ board section, for visitors who are encountering them for the first time.

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