Another bargain deal this Friday: save $49 on our PSoC® 5LP Multimedia Developer Pack.

PSoC 5LP multimedia development pack

PSoC® 5LP microcontrollers from Cypress Semiconductor employ a highly configurable system-on-chip architecture based on ARM® Cortex®-M3 core. Here’s your chance to get acquinted with them: we’re offering a mikromedia for PSoC® 5LP (regular price $129) and a mikroprog for PSoC® 5LP ($69) for just $149 (that’s about 25% of savings).

What you’re getting here is a mikromedia with an CY8C5868AXI-LP035 MCU that operates at 67MHz, has 256KB of Flash memory and 64kb of RAM.

In addition to a 320x240px touch screen, an mp3 codec, accelerometer, microSD card slot, this mikromedia also has a 2 Mbit FRAM memory chip and a HID USB bootloader.

Pair it with a mikroProg for PSoC® 5LP and you get a tempting deal – the fast programmer and hardware debugger is compatible with the PSoC® Creator™, the free IDE from Cypress which allows concurrent hardware and application firmware design. A download link and mikromedia code examples for the IDE are available on Libstock.

Get your mikromedia & mikroProg PSoC® 5LP Multimedia Developer Pack while supplies last.

Yours sincerely,

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