It’s the old school connector gamers love to this day – introducing PS/2 click

PS/2 click

Our newest click board carries a PS/2 port for connecting a keyboard or mouse to your target device. It’s the standard 6-pin Mini-DIN connector first introduced by IBM way back in 1987, but still used to this day.

Although PS/2 is considered a legacy port, superseded by USB, it’s still in use. High-end keyboards for gamers typically use a PS/2 connector because it supports full N-key rollover. It’s the ability of a keyboard to handle any number of simultaneous keystrokes.

Not to mention that you’ll be able to connect a vintage mechanical “clicky” keyboard, like the legendary Model M keyboard from IBM. A click board for connecting clicky keyboards – how convenient is that? 🙂

As with other click boards, our own Libstock examples are ready to get you going.

On a related note, Dany, the first placed Libstock award winner also wrote a PS/2 library relatively recently. Stay tuned for an interview we did with him, we’re publishing it tomorrow.

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