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If you are planning an IoT project with WiFi, CC3100 is the click you should turn your head to. Theodor from has made a detailed tutorial on how to program the CC3100 click with an ordinary FTDI chip and the USB UART click.

How to program the CC3100 click board

“It’s one of the very few WiFi chips that are able to work with SSL content,” says Theodor about the CC3100 click board™.

“The power is supplied via the USB connector. The RX pin of the USB-UART connects to the TX pin of the CC3100 click. TX pin of the USB-UART is connected to the RX pin of the CC3100 click. There is no need to change the position of jumpers J1A and J2A on the CC3100 click board, as CCS UniFlash doesn’t use any kind of flow control.”

Testing the communication

Read the rest of the tutorial to see how to test the communication, how to update the latest service pack and how to reconfigure the CC3100 click board. Everything is explained in detail, and in stages, so you’ll be ready to use the click in one of your own projects.

CC3100 click board™

Power consumption and security are the two main strengths of the CC3100 click board™. The click has sophisticated power optimization features, and this is especially suitable for IoT applications. It consumes only 4 microamps in hibernation mode.

For more information about the CC3100 click board™, see the product page.

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