Pressure changes with heights. In the olympic world, the higher you go the more pressure you feel when it’s your turn to jump, run, swim or shoot. Barometric pressure is the opposite. It becomes lower at higher altitudes. Quantify it with Pressure 3 click.

Pressure 3 click


Pressure 3 click carries an Infineon DPS310 digital barometric pressure with a 300-1200 hPa range and a 24-bit resolution.

The chip integrates a FIFO buffer that can store up to 32 readings which in a way eases of the pressure from the target MCU.

DPS310 has three different operating modes: Standby (default mode, no readings), Command (one temperature or pressure measurement is perofmed before returning to standby and Background (continuously measuring both pressure and temperature).

Similar to the previous Pressure click board, this one has both an I2C and an SPI interface. Choose either one by soldering the I2C/SPI jumpers in the appropriate position.

More details are available on the product page. The Libstock example is also ready.

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