A video overview of PIC32MZ vs PIC32MX, plus image rendering on PIC32MZ

PIC32MZ was a widely anticipated addition to our PIC32MX solution. Not a surprise, considering it promises 200 MHz/330 DMIPS, with 2MB Flash memory (plus an additional 160 KB of Boot Flash), and 512KB SRAM memory.

For a visceral presentation of what those numbers mean, see John B’s recent video clip shown above. He compares the time PIC32MZ versus PIC32MX takes to load a set of three images. PIC32MZ loops a total of 24 pictures in 30 seconds while PIC32MX loads 18 pictures. So the MZ is 30% faster in this particular test.

A follow-up video dwells into more detail on image rendering on PIC32MZ from a microSD card. PIC32MZ apparently has some peculiarities when it comes to setting up peripheral pins properly. This 16-minute tutorial will help you get ahold of it.

If you like the style of explanation you see here, there’s more on John B’s Youtube channel. We featured his work with our boards before, including an overview of the PIC bootloader, a on-camera review of camera click, and a GSM2 click showcase.

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