We have a new development board in the clicker range. Elegant, sleek, and small like the rest – PIC32MZ clicker board.

A mikroBUS™ socket joins forces with a powerful microcontroller; PIC32MZ is a 32-bit (1 MB Live-Update Flash and 512 KB SRAM) microcontroller from Microchip. Along with all the other amazing features the clicker has, every single idea you have will be easy to make true.

Hundreds of click boards™ to play with

Our range of click boards™ is always growing, we are releasing new ones every week. From wireless connectivity and Bluetooth® transceivers to motor control and display click boards™. We have everything. Browse the shop and find the ones most suited to your project.


Just like all our other clicker boards, this is one is pre-programmed with a bootloader. Download the mikroBootloader application and you’ll be able to upload your firmware. Make you prototyping experience fast and efficient.

For more information about the PIC32MZ clicker, visit the product page.

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