The long-awaited new release for PIC compilers adds support for 61 new MCUs, along with new libraries and bug fixes.

PIC compilers build 6.4 released

mikroC, mikroPascal and mikroBasic for PIC build 6.4 is now available for download. The updated compilers support 61 new PIC microcontrollers mostly from the enhanced mid-range PIC16 family.

New USB and PWM libraries for specific PICs have been added. Minor bug fixes and slight improvements to the IDE are also part of the new release.

mikroC for PIC is our most popular compiler and we’re still improving it. We’re keeping you updated so you can stay ahead and use Microchip’s latest microcontrollers in your project.

mikroPascal for PIC is the first compiler we ever published. Where else in the world of software will you get 10 years of free updates for a single license purchase? The very first licensed copy of mikroPascal for PIC is still in use. So even if you bought it recently, be sure you’ll be able to use it for a long time.

Each compiler has a special splash screen for this build, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their development. Coincidently, mikroBasic has another anniversary: the BASIC programming language turned 50 this year.

For ideas on microcontroller projects for PICs, check the available online tutorials we shared recently.

For detailed release notes visit the page of the compiler that interest you: mikroC, mikroPascal and mikroBasic . Then download it and start coding right away.

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