Every super hero movie worth its salt has a sequel. The hero gets new powers to face new challenges, and the suit gets a rehaul too — meet Pi 2 click shield.

Pi 2 click shield

The Pi 2 click shield is an expansion for the Raspberry Pi 2 B (introduced in February this year); it’s also compatible with model B+ (introduced in July 2014). Compared to the original Pi the new models have the pinout on the edge of the board expanded from 28 to 40 pins.

When we introduced the original Pi click shield we dubbed it a “super hero suit — fits tightly and transforms your Raspberry Pi from a mild-mannered mini computer to a click board enhanced supergadget.”

This shield is also tight fitting, but with the new generation, the Pi is not as mild-mannered as it used to be. Raspberry Pi 2 B has a 900MHz quad-core ARM®-Cortex® A7 that has 1GB RAM. All together it has six times the performance of the original Pi (according to the official site).

The Pi 2 click shield is more of a utility belt then. Compared to the original, it has two mikroBUS™ sockets, allowing yo to put a pair of click boards for any situation your Pi might find itself in. More than a thousand combinations of two click boards can be made with the current number.

The shield comes with headers soldered on; 12mm distancer with two screws also included. Get yours today.

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