We asked Petar from our Support staff, whom many of you know from the forums, to single out some interesting Libstock projects posted recently. Here are his faves.


Libstock award winner Alcides Ramos developed a music-playing carbot. It has a 15W high quality stereo amplifier, 3 ultrasonic sensors, 2 servomotors for grip, a force sensor, color sensor and a magnetic compass. Look at it go around the living room blasting lively Latino rhythms:

This is just version 1.0, version 1.1 will include a SpeakUp click for voice control. Carbot’s software was developed in mikroC PRO for dsPIC/PIC24

Dick Berry is also adding a SpeakUp to his project. His is a Camper Light Control System. It uses an Ready for PIC board, a TFT graphic display, a Touchpanel controller and a SmartMP3 board. Dick took the time to record an in-depth video explaining the project:

The project was developed in mikroBasic for PIC using an EasyPIC v7.

Dany, our Libstock award winner whom we interviewed a few months ago, developed a mikroPascal to mikroBasic converter. It’s something people have been asking us for, a translator from language to language, so for everybody out there, be sure to check Dany’s solution. it’s been just eight days since Dany posted it, and the project already has over 750 downloads.

That’s it for this time around. We appreciate your Libstock contributions and browse them all the time. We’re especially thankful to all the community members who take the time to document their projects with a blog post and a video. Keep up the good work guys!

Yours sincerely,

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