Right around six in the afternoon, when the sun covers everything with a golden glow, we gathered on the patio, next to the olive trees, to celebrate the 300th click board™ release.

The smiles tell the story all by themselves, and we decided to share a few photos of the party with you.

300th click party 3

The only thing we had trouble with is the number three candle that decided to melt too quickly. We took it as a sign that the next milestone is going to come sooner than expected.

Half an hour into the party one of our engineers got a phone call from his daughter, telling him that he just became a grandfather for the first time. From then on it was a double celebration.

300th click party 2

As the sun got lower on the horizon, the music got louder. The Hardware Department was, as usual, the life of the party.

Since this went so well, we can only imagine what the 500th click board™ party is going to look like.

Yours sincerely,

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