Happy Valentines Day.

Valentines offer

Valentines shouldn’t be about material things, but when we put so much time in making all these tools, we tend to develop an attachment. What about you?

Order today and your shipment will be packaged with loving care – as always – but in addition, you’ll get a 10% discount at checkout.

This offer lasts until Monday 12:00 noon CET.

Inanimate objects have souls too, at least according to the worldview of some cultures. Those tiny hearts rising to the top of your screen are from click boards waiting to be connected to Easy boards, or to clickers or maybe even to breadboards.

Other hearts are from compilers that want to be matched with programmers and debuggers from the same architecture.

And each and every one is longing for an owner so that they can fulfil their potential as prototypes or learning tools 🙂

Yours sincerely,

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