Branching out into new ventures, last week our engineers held a training seminar in Denmark.

MikroElektronika three-day course on DSP at GRUNDFOS training course

As we mentioned earlier, empowering engineers is among our core values as a company. Whatever can be done with that goal in mind is a logical step for us. Our newest venture is organizing and holding hands-on training sessions.

MikroElektronika three-day course on DSP at GRUNDFOS training course

Last week, two of our senior engineers, Richard from Firmware and Marko Z from Software held a three-day training course on DSP, and mikromedia for dsPIC33EP in particular, to engineers from the Danish company GRUNDFOS Holding A/S.

With kind permission from Flemming Munk, a Senior Signal Processing Specialist from GRUNDFOS, we quote the following testimonial:

MikroElektronika three-day course on DSP at GRUNDFOS training course

Thanks for a very inspiring and useful course in mikromedia for dsPIC33EP, embedded systems and programming in general. I have been looking forward for this event for a long time, and my expectations were totally fulfilled by these two wonderful personalities – Richard and Marko. The balance between exercise, theory and humor was just perfect.

The participants contained both novice and very advance programmers, and they were all moved up a level after these 3 days. This is by itself an achievement. The result is 12 new ambassadors for applying mikromedia for dsPIC33EP in research projects at Grundfos Sensor Department in the future. Finally, I will suggest, that you consider offering this type of course in general, as we can’t be the only company that could benefit from a visit by Richard and Marko – 3 days well spent. This type of course could be a business unit in itself.

Our own Richard Lowe is also full of good impressions:

Proving that technology can be found and grown in all areas of the world. Our journey to the “Green” Country of Denmark proved to be a rewarding mix of signal analysis and timer goodness. Problem-solving never was so good.

This is definitely an area we will explore more in the future. The Scandinavian adventure broke the ice.

Yours sincerely,

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