Ever since click boards appeared on the Paris Maker Faire last year, we have a hobby of collecting Maker Faire cameos. After Paris, San Mateo, and a personal appearance in Rome, MikroE tools were most recently seen at Maker Faire Munich, courtesy of our newest distributor — Bürklin Elektronik from Germany.


This announcement concerns our customers who natively know how to pronounce the letter “Ü” – those living in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Bürklin is a well known name internationally, but our distribution deal with them covers those three countries. Located just south of Munich, they are a specialized distributor for high-quality electronics. Bürklin stocks more than 75,000 products from 500 known manufacturers, which of recently includes MikroElektronika.

An increased choice of suppliers is a major convenience to our existing German and Austrian customers, but hopefully Bürklin will help us reach new people as well.

Our hardware is already featured on their front page. Go and have a look.

Yours sincerely,

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