Are you a Raspberry Pi® enthusiast? We bet you are!

We have a week-long special offer on all three Raspberry Pi shields in our shop, read on and find out:

  • Pi click shield – one mikroBUS™ socket to enhance your next project.
  • Pi2 click Shield – This specific shield is compatible with Raspberry Pi® models 2B and B+, and has two mikroBUS™ sockets.
  • Pi 3 click shield – Two days ago we released our newest Raspberry Pi shield. This module is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3 model B, 2 B, 1 A+ and B+. Like its predecessor, it has two mikroBUS™ sockets.

If you buy two click boards™ and one of the shields, you’ll get the shield 50% off. And we didn’t stop there – if you buy four click boards™ and one of the shields, you get the shield for only $1.

So, go ahead, browse through our click board™ range, we have hundreds, and the range is always expanding. With clicks, you’ll save more time than you thought it’s possible. Wireless connectivity? Sensors? Displays? Motor control? Maybe you are interested in speech recognition or fingerprint scanning? You name it, we have it!

The offer lasts until Friday, October 6, 17:00 CET.

For more information about the mikroBUS™ socket, check out our mikroBUS™ page.

Yours sincerely,

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