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We moved to a new office a couple of weeks ago, and we took our plants with us, because of the well-known fact that plants help improve the quality of indoor air. Our new click, Air quality 2 click, was just the right thing to come along and give us accurate readings on this particular front.

The click carries the iAQ-Core Indoor Air Quality sensor that measures VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels and provides CO2 equivalent and TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) equivalent predictions.

The sensor itself is protected by a plastic cap and a filter membrane.

5 minutes for accurate readings

Everybody wants fast results in this fast-paced world, and our click has risen to the challenge. After the sensor is powered on it will only take 5 minutes for you to get functional readings.

All you have to do now is think of something to pass the time. So, what can you really do in 5 minutes? You can make a short phone call, eat an apple, read three pages of your favorite book, and once you’re done with that you’ll know how healthy your living space is.

ABC for longer product life

The iAQ-Core sensor has Automatic Baseline Correction or ABC. With some other sensors, you would need to calibrate it every two or three years. But thanks to the ABC this sensor doesn’t require further calibration and will work optimally for many years.

For more information about Air quality 2 click take a look at the product page.

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