Our new world-wide distributor is Conrad—one of the premier Electronics retailers in Europe.

Conrad is our new distributor

Conrad and MikroElektronika first partnered earlier this year, with an agreement that ultimately brought you the WunderBar. Our cooperation continues with this distribution deal that started with Conrad selling click boards, with more products coming up.

When you order a click board from Conrad’s online store, it’s going to be processed by one of the most sophisticated logistic centers in Europe. One that’s capable of shipping 50,000 orders a day.

Conrad started as a mail-order business in 1923 in Germany. In the early days they sold radios and build-it-yourself TV sets from a 16-page catalog.

Today they have multiple catalogs including a 2,5000-page door-stopper. Anything that runs on a battery or plugs into a wall—Conrad is selling, your favorite development tools now included.

Yours sincerely,

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