There’s a thing or two going on in MikroE these days. For one we’re expecting our hundredth click board any day now. And there are some cool releases and announcements to be made. To give you a hint, it has something to do with this fellow (fluttering its wings on an OLED C click):

But let’s take a breather before that.

Enjoy another tutorial from John B, this one about calibrating Touch Panel Function & Calibration, with mikroC code.

And now a smattering of some multilingual MikroElektronika tidbits from accross the web:

For French speakers, a Facebook fan from Morocco sent us this tutorial for installing a RTOS on a PIC MCU. It’s basically the same tutorial we posted earlier, we’re just giving you more options language-wise.

Like we do with SpeakUp. Unlike Siri or Cortana you can train to understand any language. Here’s a SpeakUp review in Polish we ran in to the other day (google translate it).

While you’re at it, apparently a big Spanish education portal wrote about the recently-funded FlowPaw.

We’ve got some renewed interest in the SpeakUp click ever since we placed that animated banner on our homepage. That’s a spot reserved for stuff we deem important, you see. There’s going to be at least one new homepage banner by the end of the week.

Stay tuned!

Yours sincerely,

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