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We updated the Learn article where we list all third party boards with mikroBUS™ sockets. There are now over 30 boards.

Two years ago Microchip endorsed click boards™ by putting a mikroBUS™ socket on their 8-bit Curiosity board. With such a move from one of the most important players in the microcontroller industry, mikroBUS™ was bound to become the most widely used add-on board standard.

The adoption indeed continues to spread. Microchip now offers five different types of Curiosity dev boards for different PIC MCUs. And each one comes with one or two mikroBUS™ sockets. Not to mention all the other mikroBUS™-equipped boards they produce.

Other prominent vendors are joining as well. The latest example we included in the article is Infineon’s XMC4300 Relax EtherCAT® Kit. (in related news, last year we also partnered with Infineon to produce an industry-grade burner for XDP™ Switching Mode Power Supply ICs).

See the entire list of third party mikroBUS™-equipped development boards on our learn page.

If there happens to be a board with a mikroBUS™ socket that we haven’t included in the article, let us know in the comments.

And if you are planning to make such a board yourself — no problem. As long as you adhere to the standard specifications, you are allowed to include a mikroBUS™ socket in your design.


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