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Website improvements

The other day a customer from Brazil complained to us on Twitter how it took forever to download a compiler. A few days later we told him to try again. Whaddayaknow? It was much faster the second time.

Have you noticed the improvements on our site?

We have a newly formed Web Department in our Company. A dedicated task force committed to improve your experience whilst browsing these pages (Libstock included). Their first order of business is to fix the many obvious issues that were slowing us down.

gzip compression reduced the size of some pages up to 90 percent. Indexing all database tables on mikroe means that the add to cart button loads 60 percent faster. We switched to a content delivery network so serving images and downloads in all parts of the world is noticeably better (that’s why our friend from Brazil can now download the compiler much faster).

The Libstock database has also been fixed. Searching and browsing code is dramatically faster and there’s no more buggy behaviour.

Our team has been at it for just a few weeks, less then a month, so many more improvements to come.

Yours sincerely,

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