The other day we released AudioAmp click which can be used for blasting loud music — a party-goers click. Today we are releasing it’s counterpart, Noise click — the perfect click for nagging neighbors.

5mm pitch 32x32 RGB LED panel

Noise click is an elaborately designed board that functions as a noise detector. It has a microphone that monitors ambient sound levels. As soon as the room becomes loud it triggers an interrupt signal. Great for grumpy people. Put it on a clicker 2 with a GSM click and configure it to send anonymous tips to the Police whenever your neighbors plays loud music.

For more conventional uses, it’s easy to set up a noise-based alarm. Or to monitor loudness levels in your baby’s room.

You’ll have to experiment a bit to pinpoint the threshold level of noise. It’s done through a 12-bit DAC so you have 4096 discrete steps to choose from.

Unlike the majority of our clicks this one doesn’t have one main chip that carries the functionality of the entire board. It has more of an ensemble cast. A microphone, a 12-bit DAC, a pair of dual operational amplifiers, one of which is set up as a comparator and so on.

We described the functionality in more detail on the docs page. You can follow the story by looking at the schematic as well. Once you have a clear idea, using the Libstock library will be much easier. More details on the product page.

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