NFC has become a standard feature in the majority of flagship smartphones today. Discover why it’s is so compelling to manufacturers and developers, with NFC Tag click.

NFC Tag click

The benefits of NFC (Near Field Communications) are twofold. First, in contrast to standard RFid it allows two-way communications, lending itself to a wider range of applications.

Marketeers are using NFC to create interactive magazine ads and posters. BMW uses NFC car keys to open hotel room doors. More mundane applications include ID badges for corporate employees and so on.

Second, the very close range at which NFC operates (with the PCB antenna on NFC Tag click, it’s about 3cm) makes it a very secure system to use. That’s why NFC is used for mobile payments (some credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and similar systems).

But these just scratch the surface. Just Google around a bit and you’ll discover a lot of unexpected and unusual applications of NFC. The technology is yet to fulfil its potential.

That’s where you come in. Get our NFC Tag clicks with the M24SR64 NFC/RFID tag IC on it, and start coming up with new and original applications for NFC. See the specs and details on the product page. And remember, it’s 10% OFF the original price at checkout, while of end of year sale is in effect.

Some additional resources to use with NFC Tag click: STMicroeletronics provides a free Android DEMO app for NFC supported phones, while NFCWorld+ keeps a thorough and up-to-date list of NFC supported phones.

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