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Maybe you haven’t noticed, but people are using NFC in their daily life all the time. To open the front door, to open the hotel room door, to check the ticket in public transportation, to pay the bill at the grocery store, etc.

These days you even have bottle labels with integrated NFC chips, so you just scan the bottle with your phone and get information on what you are drinking.

Our new click – NFC Tag 2 click – is exactly what you need if you want to add NFC to your project, and join in on the fun and the possibilities it brings.

NFC Tag 2 click

NFC Tag 2 click carries the NT3H1101 NTAG I2C energy harvesting NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with field detection pin from NXP.

The click is designed to run on a 3.3V power supply.

Energy harvesting

The amazing thing about this click and the technology behind it is that it eliminates the need for a battery or an external power supply.

It can generate energy from an RF field or some other NFC device, like an NFC-supported mobile phone.

List of NFC-supported phones

You can check if your mobile phone is NFC-supported on this NFCWorld+ list.

For more information about the NFC Tag 2 click, see the product page.

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