We’re incrementally updating our website, starting from the very top… and bottom. Tell us what you think about the new navigation on mikroe.com

New navigation

The idea behind the new header was to allow you to reach what you’re looking for in fewer clicks. Plus, our previous way of sorting products was deemed confusing to new visitors. Color coded solutions and brand names that may not ring a bell at first.

Now, top priority is given to product lines. Compilers, software tools, Debuggers, Full featured boards, Starter boards, smart displays, add-on boards, kits, and specials – an overview of everything we have to offer at a glance.

Then, for those who already know what they are after, the Solution navigation divides the same products by architecture. We kept the color coded menus, but ditched the confusing switching navigation we used to have.

The shop section now allows you to do some basic filtering by one click, or if it’s more convenient, to find your nearest distributor.

Our books, which constitute the most visited section of our site despite having been hard to reach from the homepage until recently, are now easy to reach from the Ask & Learn section. That tab also has the link to the forum, Libstock and suchlike.

You can expect that these sort of things will get incrementally improved in 2016 since we now have a dedicated department for the website.

As always, your feedback would be highly appreciated. Instead of a thumbs up or thumbs down, this time we’re looking for a qualitative assessment. Please spare a few sentences to let us know what you think about the page.

Yours sincerely,

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