Today we are very excited to announce that new Visual TFT 2.00 is released! There are so many new features and improvements, we can’t wait for you to download it and see for yourself!

We have introduced a new and powerful feature which exploits the power of new TFT library functions in new compiler releases. We have enabled you to store images and fonts externally on MMC/SD card using the resource file created by Visual TFT, which is optimized for maximum performance, even on slower microcontrollers. Simply choose whether to store resorces internally or externally, and the software will take care of the rest. Using this cool new feature, we have created a great image slider example, and a video demonstration of it, so you can see how this all works on hardware

Besides this, we have enabled you to declare objects or entire screens as static, and they will be stored in microcontroller flash memory. This is very useful option when you know that the content will not change in run-time, because storing entire screens in flash can save a lot of RAM. With this option, and re-factorization of the code, Visual TFT now saves 2.2 times more RAM than in previous version. This is a fantastic achievement!

We have supported all of our mikromedia boards including mikromedias for PIC18FJ, PIC24, dsPIC33, PIC32 and XMEGA. You now have it all covered. What ever architecture you decide to go for, you have an adequate software and hardware with mikromedias, compilers and Visual TFT. We have also created new kits for all of our boards, so you can save between $30 and $80 with each one!

New Dongle Licensing option enables you to carry your Visual TFT software with you, whereever you go.

IDE is now more stable than ever before. We have fixed reported bugs and added an extra handlers to provide stable and more pleasant environment to work with.

We invite you to visit the newly redesigned Visual TFT website, and download the software now, and check it out for yourself!

New: Visual TFT 2.00 released!
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