New version of ft90x compilers (2.00) integrate Visual TFT. Even if you don’t work with FT90x you should install and try the new version, because soon this will happen to your favorite compiler too. We really want you to try it and give us your feedback – so we are giving away a few FT900-powered mikromedia HMI boards.

FT90x compilers merged with VisualTFT

Before we let you know how you can win a mikromedia HMI board, a short brief on why we did this.

Most of us seem to be eternally pilling up more tools and widgets onto our PCs. Wallpapers with exotic landscapes get buried under a pile of icons. We spend our day alt-tabbing, minimizing and resizing windows. It gets tiring. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

To alleviate app fatigue, declutter your desktop and increase your productivity, we decided to simplify. One by one, we will start merging Visual TFT with all compilers. The goal is to offer you a single environment for designing, coding, compiling and debugging.

FT90x compilers happen to be the first in the queue. Even if you don’t have any FT90x hardware, we recommend that you install the 45-day trial version just to experience the new workflow. We promise you’ll become impatient to see the new version of your favorite compiler with the same changes. And you might win a mikromedia. Here’s how it works.

Seamless workflow

When starting a project, you specify whether you need Visual TFT or not. If yes, then you start working on a unified project that holds all settings and configurations in one place. Both the front-facing GUI and the backend code.

For existing Visual TFT users the environment will be familiar. The “what you see is what you get” visual editor with various drag and drop elements arranged in the sidebar.

Press F12 and the view switches to the compiler. There, the code generated by your dragging and dropping is waiting for you. Edit it as required. Write the code for various events.

Switch back to Visual TFT and tinker with the GUI some more.

Then go back to the compiler – the changes will be merged into the existing code.

It’s a seamless, flexible workflow. You will be able to drive your projects to completion much faster.

Simple to upgrade, no hidden costs

When it comes to licensing, there are three scenarios.

Some of you will not require the GUI design tool. Don’t worry. You can continue using the compiler without ever seeing Visual TFT.

If you own both compiler and Visual TFT licenses, all you will have to do is type your Visual TFT license key inside the compiler. Start using the integrated version and uninstall the old Visual TFT from your system.

The third scenario is for those who want to add Visual TFT to their toolkit for the first time. All you have to do is purchase a Visual TFT electronic license ($99) and type it in the compiler.

Win a free mikromedia

As already stated, we want you to try this. Download the demo of mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal for FT90x (the Visual TFT will have limited functionality but you can get a sense of how it works).

If you are willing to provide your feedback, please give us your name and email. In two weeks, we will send you an email with a 2-minute survey about your experience.

Those of you who fill out the survey will enter a sweepstake to win one of three 5 inch UXW mikromedia HMI boards (with a capacitive touchpanel).

I want to test the new FT90x compilers and win a free mikromedia HMI

* indicates required

Yours sincerely,

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