If you were frustrated by a lack of resources that accompany click boards – don’t despair. There is light at the end of the cable. The new version of Fiber Opt click is a bright example.

Fiber Opt click

Fiber Opt click was an existing board that we revisited to improve its design. A fiber-optic photodiode and a fiber-optic LED diode paired together to make a Fiber Optic interface that can be used to transmit UART or PWM signals.

The two chief advantages of fiber optic communications are that (1) you can bridge long distances without signal loss; and (2) it’s impervious to electromagnetic disturbances so you can drive motors with PWM without worrying about disrupted signals.

If this was a year ago we would stop at that. A brief description of the sensor, a Libstock example, and off you are, good fellow. Now, here’s a link to our docs page with all the relevant data sheets and links stored.

Here’s a learn.mikroe.com article about Fiber Optics in general and the functionalities of this click specifically.

The increasing amount of traffic that learn.mikroe.com is receiving prompted us to dress it up a notch. We redesigned the page to make it more functional and enjoyable to browse. So many headlines visible at once – so much knowledge for you to soak up.

Bookmark the page and build a habit of returning to it. Our team is posting something new daily. Even if you are not interested in click boards, you will acquire useful stuff that will pay off in the future.

Yours sincerely,

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