Our software team published a version 3.0 of the FAT32 library on Libstock. The new version of the library adds support for long file names.

Libstock FAT32 library updated

Prior to this release, file names could take a maximum of 8 characters, plus 3 for extensions. The long file name support in the recently released version 3.0 allows you to make your file and folder names as long as necessary.

Other core functionalities remain intact. The FAT32 library allows you to open, read, write, rename, delete files, check their availability, perform multiple file operations, and manipulate file cursors. Swap file creation with sector-level and file-level access is also supported.

Directory features include creating, renaming and deleting directories, as well as listing folder contents. MMC and SD card formats are supported too.

The FAT32 library is available for all our compilers, except 8051. With over 25,000 downloads on Libstock, it is one of the more popular libraries we have.

To install it, you will need to know how to use our Package Manager. If in doubt, read the guide for installing MikroElektronika libraries from learn.mikroe.com.

Yours sincerely,

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