One month after releasing USB Device Library we are proud to announce new library for USB device development called USB Host Library.

Our development team has been very busy past month preparing this library and now we’re proud to announce a long awaited USB Host Library. Today we’re releasing packages for ARM (STM32 and Stellaris), but will be releasing versions for other architectures shortly after. The library is completely FREE of CHARGE and is available for mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for ARM devices.

USB Host Library presents the user set of functions required to handle USB host module. A embedded user application program uses API defined in this library to access USB host peripheral. You may implement various host classes defined by USB standard. We’ve provided set of ready-to-use examples in order to develop your own HID Keyboard and a HID Mouse.


Help file is available along with the library package, so you can learn to use USB Host library functions very fast and easy.

Make sure to visit Libstock NOW, download our new library and develop your USB Host devices with ease.

Yours sincerely,

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