New posts from old members and first article from new writer.

new tutorials

To keep up with the fast pace they set for themselves, the team brought some reinforcements to their ranks. The new member of the editorial team is Corey from Oregon. He debuted with an article about LED matrices and the mikroC library for 8×8 R click.

Carefully read his article and you will be able to use 8×8 matrices to draw shapes or create scrolling text displays, but with a good understanding of what is actually happening.

Viktor is back with the second half of the two part tutorial about Bluetooth Low Energy. While the first half was a an introduction of the BLE technology itself, with explanations about how different layers, profiles and protocols function, this second half is a more specific treatment on the library that accompanies BLE P click (which is based on a Nordic nRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy chip.

Richard revisits an older Let’s Make project – a data logger based on a mikromedia for Xmega. Where to store the data? In which format? How often to collect samples? Find out in Richard’s post.

The has a goal of covering each click board with at least one article. Milos’s contribution this week is about Cap-sense click. According to Milos, it’s a simple and useful technology that can improve the functionality and design of your device, with little risk involved.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to get in touch with the team through the comment section underneath each article.

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